Seal Hard

Welcome to Seal Hard Australia, the sole supplier of L&M Construction Chemicals in Australia & NZ.

Based in the USA, L&M are renowned worldwide (29 Countries) as leaders in concrete flooring.

With Australia’s concrete flooring industry still in its infancy, at Seal Hard Australia, we take great pride in our role as Australia’s sole supplier of L&M products. Having over 45 Years of exceptional industry experience, L&M continue to be on the cutting edge of concrete chemistry and marketing trends, making their products and our services the ideal fit for your business.

In only 7 years of operation, Seal Hard Australia has assembled an impressive collection of clientele who have been delighted by our continuing results. These clients include Woolworths, IKEA, Orion Shopping Centre, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Scanlan Printing, Fosters Group, Insight Logistics, Brisbane Markets Co-Op, Brisbane Port Authority, City Beach, Australian Discount Retail, Trade Coast,  G.M, Coles Myer, Visy Paper, Agora Timbers, One Steel, Harvey Norman, Millennium Art Centre, Heineman Electrics, Steel Storage, Hume Timber & Doors, Quasar Cold Stores,  Aldi , Union Steel, “The Precinct” Volvo Heavy Equipment, Costco stores Australia and many others.

So why are so many prominent businesses choosing Seal Hard Australia for their flooring solutions? It’s simple! At Seal Hard Australia, we provide you with the absolute best in concreting solutions. We guarantee the highest return for your money with the most exceptional products and time-proven processes in the industry. We also understand that selecting a provider for your concrete floor is an important partnership that will need to continue for many years after the floor is initially laid if you’re to receive the maximum usage and wear out of your floor. With these important points in mind, we invite you to join us, for over the next few minutes as we discuss the options, solutions and advantages available when you select Seal Hard Australia as your partner in concrete flooring.


Warranties are very important. Today we have a number of new products coming on to the market, vying for your business, making rash statements on Warranties & Data.  There are only a very small number of Sealer/Hardeners available that have been in existence for over 20 years to prove that their products will last the 20 year mark, most of these new products have been around only 2 to 5 Years.