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Seal Hard – Sodium silicate concrete densifier for warehouses
FGS Hardener Plus – Concrete polishing system
Vivid Dye – Water based concrete dye
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FGS Conditioner – Cleaning agent for hardened concrete
L & M Cure – No risidual cure
Chemhard – Sodium silicate dust proofer
Aquapel – Water based silane-siloxane sealer
Permaguard – Protective coating to stop liquid penetration of concrete
Lion Hard – Lithium silicate concrete densifier nano technology
Emerytop 400 – World’s toughest floor bag mix topping
Dress and Seal SB – Solvent based Concrete Cure and Sealer in one
Dress and Seal WB – Water based Concrete Cure and Sealer in one
E Con – Evaporation Reducer for concrete placment
Hydropel WB – Breathable Silane Siloxane Water Repellent for brick and concrete
Multicure AC 90 – Water based Acrylic Resin Curing Membrane
Petrotex – Oil and Water Repellent for Concrete Masonry and Stone
CTL Test Data – Independent testing Seal Hard v Ashford and Diamond Hard
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