Seal Hard – the Absolute Best in Concreting Solutions

Seal Hard Australia provides you with the highest return for your money with the most exceptional industrial floor products in the industry.

Seal Hard concrete floor at Costco


Seal Hard is odorless, environmentally safe and totally free of VOC solvents. Whilst some treatments make floors more slippery, Seal Hard deeply penetrates and becomes a part of the concrete without altering the non-slip characteristics.

Densify your floor for life and make it resistant to scratching, dust, tyre marks, peeling or discoloration. This provides a significant cost in maintenance costs over other floor treatments.

Seal Hard is designed to increase the wear surface strength of concrete floors subject to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. 


Seal Hard Warranty

Seal Hard preferred applicators are the best equipped, most knowledgeable floor technicians. Accordingly, when applied through our national preferred applicator program Seal Hard is backed by a rock-solid twenty year warranty.

We also supply to the public a wide range of wholesale concrete coatings, concrete paint, concrete sealers and more.  Find a comprehensive list of our products here.

You’ll find your nearest Seal Hard floor at a range of impressive locations, including some of Australia’s most well known warehouses, shopping centres and airports.

Woolworths, Costco, IKEA, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane Port Authority, Coles Myer, Visy Paper, Agora Timbers, One Steel, Harvey Norman, Aldi , “The Precinct” Volvo Heavy Equipment and many more.