Concrete Curing Membranes

Seal Hard Australia’s range of concrete curing membranes can replace labour-intensive and often expensive curing systems such as wet hessian, ‘blankets’ and ponded water. 

Multicure AC90

Multicure AC90 is a low-VOC, enviromentally acceptable water based acrylic resin which cures, seals and hardens the surface of new concrete, providing increased strength and durability.  AC90 improves resistance to chemicals and surface dusting  and is compatible with after-trades.

Used primarily on freshly laid concrete slabs, it has been applied to over 50,000,000m2 worldwide and continues to be a high performance concrete curing membrane.


Multicure AC90 Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Multicure AC90 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


E-CON is a VOC compliant evaporation reducer perfect for the Australian climate as it minimises early water evaporation in conditions like high temperature, low humidity, high winds and direct sunlight.  

E-CON controls the surface condition of the slab and can reduce evaporation rates up to 80% in wind and 40% in hot sunlight.  

Suitable for use with other curing compounds such as Multicure AC90 and concrete sealers like SEAL HARD.

Available in 20L and 205L sizes.


E-Con Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

E-Con Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


DRESS & SEAL SB is a sprayable, acrylic copolymer that cures, seals, and dustproofs concrete. DRESS & SEAL SB is a tough impervious acrylic which retains moisture, curing the concrete for maximum hardness. 

This clear, fast drying sealer is effective on both interior and exterior surfaces.


Dress & Seal SB Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Dress & Seal SB Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


DRESS & SEAL WB is a water-based, low VOC, acrylic copolymer solution that cures, seals and dustproofs concrete without yellowing. The tough film locks in moisture, curing the concrete for maximum hardness. 

DRESS & SEAL WB dries to a medium to high gloss that is resistant to blushing, and enhances the look of coloured, stamped concrete.


Dress & Seal WB Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Dress & Seal WB Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)