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From concrete sealers, concrete densifiers, concrete curing compounds, epoxy to dust proofers and concrete dye – you’ll find it at Seal Hard Australia.


A proprietary, colourless, environmentally safe chemical solution that increases the wear surface strength of concrete floors subjected to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  SEAL HARD penetrates concrete surfaces to seal, dustproof, densify and harden them.  SEAL HARD floors last longer, cost less to maintain, are safe to use, and are guaranteed to resist dusting for years after application.

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Seal Hard Multicure AC90

Water based Acrylic Resin Curing Membrane

Seal Hard Multicure AC90 cures, seals and hardens the surface of new concrete, providing increased strength and durability and improved resistance to chemicals and surface dusting when applied by the correct method, at the recommended application rate.

Multicure AC90 Data 2019

FGS Permashine – Concrete Polishing

Polishing system which provides a beautiful, durable floor. Environmentally friendly and won’t require harsh solvents or waxes to clean. Certified as “High Traction”.

FGS Permashine Polished Concrete is engineered to last decades with low maintenance.

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Vivid Dye – Water based concrete dye

Many colours available -formulated for use with FGS PermaShine polished concrete floor system.

L & M Cure – ‘Non-residual’ cure

L&M CURE is a VOC-compliant, ready-to-use, non-residual concrete curing agent that penetrates surfaces to cure the concrete from within. It is a water-based, clear, sprayable liquid that offers residue-free performance.

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CHEM HARD – Sodium silicate dust-proofer

CHEM HARD is recommended for light industrial plants,
warehouses, laundries, as well as in food storage plants and
bakeries. It is also appropriate for areas with frequent foot traffic
such as civic centers, sports arenas, stadiums and other commercial

CHEM HARD is a VOC-compliant, colourless solution of a carefully controlled concentration of 100% active sodium silicate chemicals with a non-acid penetrant.  It may be applied to fresh or hardened concrete as a chemical hardener and dust-proofer.

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Aquapel – Water based silane-siloxane sealer

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Permaguard – Protective coating

Stops liquid penetration of concrete

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Lion Hard – Lithium silicate concrete densifier nano technology

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Emerytop 400 – World’s toughest floor bag mix topping

Dress and Seal SB – Solvent based Concrete Cure and Sealer in one

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Dress and Seal WB – Water based Concrete Cure and Sealer in one

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E Con – Evaporation Reducer for concrete placement

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Hydropel WB – Breathable Silane Siloxane Water Repellent for brick and concrete

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Petrotex – Oil and Water Repellent for Concrete Masonry and Stone

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CTL Test Data – Independent testing Seal Hard v Ashford and Diamond Hard

Test Data available on request


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for all Seal Hard Australia products.  Please complete the form below to request the most up to date MSDS / SDS for our products.